The good, the bad and the ugly story!

A collection of magical moments that we hold onto, to remind us there is beauty amongst the darkness in the world. I've always had a magical mind that takes me to far away places when the real world becomes too much. I may not be a little girl anymore but my heart remains a child. I believe in the otherland, faires, magic, butterflies n rainbows, the true meaning behind fairytales, and make fairies. I don't believe in the 'happy ever after story,' I believe life is about overcoming adversity, and a chance to grow a soul. Once a ballet dancer myself I still love the ballet and theatre, ballet shoes, stage shows, memory boxes, little old collections of things forgotten. I love gothic girls, black hair and nail varnish, steel toe cap boots, pretty dresses, jewellery, painting and creating a magical world of my own, which enables me to life in te real world and find meaning. Very few of these pictures are mine, they should be credited to the original source where possible. If i should use anyone's work and they are unhappy about it please tell me and I will remove it. I'm unable to do follow backs, my blog has been long established and it is not possible to run a blog and follow everyone, but I do value everyone of my followers and my ask box is open to you all. If you blog of a similar nature and credit your post I am happy to check you out. I hope you enjoy sharing , and this feels a safe friendly place for people to be. Fairy blessings and magical moments Tabi xxx


White Magick ii (4)
©buron - January ’13


White Magick ii (4)

©buron - January ’13

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